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Raptor IN FOCUS with Savannah Baron

Raptor IN FOCUS with Savannah Baron
In this installment of Raptor IN FOCUS, we take a closer look at Senior Savannah Baron. We asked her some questions to get a better idea of who she is and what she's about. Here's what Savannah said… 

Name? Number?

How long have you been playing soccer?

I have been playing soccer since I was 7  

What regular season game are you most looking forward to? Why?

I am most looking forward to our game against Franklin because I am excited for the challenge.  

Tell me about the most exciting sports experience you've had? An exciting game you participated in, watched, etc.

My most exciting game was at my old high school in Illinois (York). We were undefeated and were playing against another really good team and you could tell everyone on the field was trying their absolute best and the tension between us and them was insane. There were tons of fouls, awesome plays, and good tackles that made the game super exciting to play and to watch. 

What are your plans after high school?

After high school I plan to attend a four year college and get an undergraduate degree in engineering.  


If your plans include college, have you decided on where you are going or at least narrowed it down?

I have not decided on a college yet, but Vanderbilt is my number 1 as of now.  

Who's your favorite teacher? Why is he/she your favorite?

My favorite teacher is Mr. Oswanski because he was so kind to me when I first moved here January of this year. I came in and he not only got me up to speed on the class, but also took the time to get to know me and make sure I felt welcome when I didn't know anyone else at the school. He is an amazing teacher and an amazing person.

Do you have any mentors or anyone in your life you really look up to? Why?

The people I look up to most are definitely my parents. My mom is so incredibly selfless and loving and I want to live my life the way she does. My dad is hard working and wise and I want to be able to follow in his footsteps as well. The combination of the two of them is such a powerful example in my life and they have definitely shown me who I want to be.  

Who or what inspires you?

Tell us about your accomplishments you are most proud of?

The accomplishment I am most proud of is simply moving here. I knew it would be hard for me to move in the middle of my junior year, especially being an introvert as I am, but I have made the best of it and through coming here have met so many amazing people who would never have entered my life otherwise.  

Tell us about your parents/family? What they mean to you? What they do for a living? Anything else you want to share...

My family is an essential part of my life. My parents are my best friends and my siblings are the people I look forward to hanging out with every day. I often prefer hanging out with my family at home to spending time with anyone else.  

Have there been any times if your life when you have overcome adversity and learned something about overcoming an obstacle?


When you see our seniors, please thank them for their years of dedication and commitment to the Lady Raptor soccer program. We appreciate you!