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Senior Defender Karley Wilson Gets IN FOCUS!

Senior Defender Karley Wilson Gets IN FOCUS!
In this installment of Raptor IN FOCUS, we take a closer look at Senior Outside Back, Karley Wilson. We asked her some questions to get a better idea of who she is and what she's about. Here's what Karley said…

Name? Number?  

Karley Wilson, #18

What position do you play for the Raptors? I mainly play center back and outside back.  

What regular season game are you most looking forward to? Why? Franklin, because it will be challenging and Centennial because it is senior night and it will be fun.

Tell me about the most exciting sports experience you've had? An exciting game you participated in, watched, etc.,

One game that stands out to me is when I saw the 2015 U.S. Womens national team play Nigeria in Vancouver, Canada. We won 1-0 with an amazing header-goal by Abbe Wombach!   

What are your plans after high school?

Right after high school, I want to spend some time traveling and working before going to college.

If your plans include college, have you decided on where you are going or at least narrowed it down?

I am undecided where I am going to college, but I am most interested in studying nursing/health care right now and I'm trying to figure out if that's exactly what I want to do.

Who's your favorite teacher? Why is he/she your favorite?  

Mrs. Goode is one of my favorite teachers because she has helped me realize that I want to do something in the health field and she also answers any questions I have and makes class very interesting and fun!

Do you have any mentors or anyone in your life you really look up to? Why? I look up to my sister, Bailee, because she has always been there for me. She is strong, smart and a good role model and hope to be like her one day.

Tell us about your accomplishments you are most proud of?   One accomplishment I am proud of is getting into the nursing program at Ravenwood. I was very nervous about getting in since only 15 got accepted.

Tell us about your parents/family? What they mean to you? What they do for a living? Anything else you want to share...                   My family means a lot to me. They support me and are some of the most caring people I know. My sister is a Junior at the University of Tennessee -Knoxville and is studying English and Economics and wants to go in to Law.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of you? My typical day consists of school, soccer, Netflix and homework. On the weekends I usually hangout with my friends, watch Netflix, and get a break from school and soccer. Also, I work when I can at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and have worked there for over a year.

When you see our seniors, please thank them for their years of dedication and commitment to the Lady Raptor soccer program. We appreciate you!