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IN FOCUS with Senior Midfielder Kayla Gruver

IN FOCUS with Senior Midfielder Kayla Gruver

In this installment of Raptor IN FOCUS, we take a closer look at Senior midfielder Kayla Gruver. We asked her some questions to get a better idea of who she is and what she's about. Here's what Kayla said…

Name? Number?

Kayla Gruver #20

What position do you play for the Raptors?

Anywhere in the midfield, but Center Back and forward are fun to play every once in a while.

How long have you been playing soccer?

15 years

What were/are your goals for this season?

GO to STATE and WIN the DISTRICT tournament.

What regular season game are you most looking forward to? Why?

Franklin and Brentwood because we all get to play against our club teammates and it's always the most two competitive games of the season.

Tell me about the most exciting sports experience you've had? An exciting game you participated in, watched, etc. (Doesn't have to be Ravenwood)

Winning the state championship game against TNFC back in the days. No one on my team will ever forget that W!

What are your plans after high school?

I plan to go into the medical field or major in business.

If your plans include college, have you decided on where you are going or at least narrowed it down?

I most likely will end up at an SEC school, but I am still looking at some smaller schools.

Why have you selected this college/colleges?

I LOVE the atmosphere at SEC schools but would enjoy playing soccer for a smaller school.

Who is your favorite professional athlete and why?

Most definitely Alex Morgan because she is a role model on and off the field.

Who's your favorite teacher? Why is he/she your favorite? (ok to have 2 but please limit to 2).

My first favorite teacher is Ms. Obot because she is so involved with the school on top of being a great chemistry teacher. She was always open to meeting before or after school for extra help. My second is Mr. Oswanski because he has always been so personal to his students and you can tell he truly cares and is interested in every student of his.

Do you have any mentors or anyone in your life you really look up to? Why?

Coach Travis has been someone who has been there for me through it all. He is an outstanding coach and always keeps me laughing. He knows the game and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to train me for so long.

Who or what inspires you?

My Mom and Dad inspire me. My dad because he is very patient, smart, and super understanding. My mom because she has such a great outlook on life and my sister and I always love joking around with her. I don't know what I would do without either of them in my life.

Have there been any times if your life when you have overcome adversity and learned something about overcoming an obstacle?

I tore my ACL two years ago and the recovery was extremely hard at first but I worked hard with my girl Coach Kyle and Coach Travis; along with all my physical therapy to make a speedy recovery.

Tell us something funny about you? Embarrassing moment, etc.?

I always seem to fall on the field. One year my coach called me Bambi, besides I just fell out of no where while I was walking. It was the funniest thing ever.

What advice would you give to other girls who aspire to play varsity soccer at Ravenwood?

One piece of advice I feel is important... Never go into a game/practice thinking you will do bad or lose. Go in with confidence and if you mess up, forget about it and still ask for the ball.

Senior Raptor shout out: Is there someone in the community you think deserves recognition beyond your family or teachers you may have already mentioned (friend, pastor, volunteer, etc)? If so tell us about them.

Coach Travis and Coach Kyle are definitely the two coaches I would want to give recognition to. They have always checked up on me and been there with me through everything. They both can work me extremely hard but also make it a good time with many laughs. I am so thankful to have them both in my life.

When you see our seniors, please thank them for their years of dedication and commitment to the Lady Raptor soccer program. We appreciate you!