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“Be the Tradition”

In the 2017-2018 school year, Ravenwood Athletics adopted the motto “Be the Tradition”.  After the Nolensville split, Ravenwood High School
found itself in uncharted territory , experiencing downsizing of the student and faculty populations. “Be the Tradition” serves as a reminder to
all Raptors that though our predecessors have done some amazing things to lay the foundation for a tradition of success both on and off the
field, the current Raptors are responsible for setting the tone and raising the bar for those who will come after us. Being the tradition is about
knowing we are a part of something special at Ravenwood, something bigger than ourselves, something that will live on at the school, and
something that will live on in ourselves. To be the tradition is simple: be involved, be a good person, and be a competitor.



Football: "The Victory Bell"


Starting with the 2017 season, after every victory, the Ravenwood football team and fans gather to hear a post-game speech from our
head coach, Matt Daniels. The speech leads into the selection of an impact player from the game to ring the massive victory bell, a
former train bell gifted by the Class of 2017. The bell not only signifies victory but also the consistent tradition of success that
Ravenwood Football and the entire athletic program seeks to uphold. After the bell rings, the crowd always jumps up and cheers.
It really brings the school together after games.



Lacrosse: “The Hammer”


Beginning in the 2019 season, after each game, the coaches discuss the players that made the most significant impacts on the
game and reward them with hammer stickers to put on the back of their helmets. A red sledgehammer is taken to
each game to symbolize the expectations associated with these reward stickers.



Hockey: “The Hard Hat”


After every hockey game the hard hat is awarded to the player that worked the hardest and showed the greatest effort
throughout the game. The unique part about this tradition is that the previous hard hat winner is responsible for selecting the
next winner, thus it is player-driven. This tradition began in in the 2016-2017 season.



Baseball: “The Sharks and Lion”


This tradition began in the 2019 season with new head coach Danny Borne. The tradition centers around the style of play
that Coach Borne desires for the Raptor baseball program. He wants a shark mentality, including an unconditional approach to the game
(not letting circumstances dictate behavior), always being in “attack mode” and never being satisfied. After each win, Coach Borne awards the
great white shark to the overall player of the game. The hammerhead head shark goes to the player who had the hardest hit ball. The mako shark
is for the player who showed the greatest anticipation and played fast throughout the game. The tiger shark is for the player who showed the
most hustle. Finally, as a carryover from Coach Teddy Craig’s tenure, his mantra “run to the roar” lives on as the player who overcomes adversity the
most during the course of the game is awarded the lion.